Officially launched on 28th July 2016, the AMR Centre is proud to be a member of CARB-X, an international consortium established to help fight Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

With over USD 300million in grants and services to allocate over 5 years, the first round of applications closed on Friday 2nd September with over 160 companies and organizations seeking support.

“We are overwhelmed by the response” said Dr Pete Jackson, Executive Chairman of AMRC. “Such a high number of applications in such a short time demonstrates the clear need for, and importance of, both the AMR Centre and the CARB-X consortium. There is a need and desire to get these products to market and this support is unlocking the potential. We hope that governments will see this and continue with their support. The more they support, the more we can do.”

The second round of applications is currently underway. Due to the high levels of interest its closing date will be extended into October.

Further information can be obtained on or elsewhere on this web site.