Established in May 2016, The AMR Centre is a key part of the UK’s response to the global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance. Based at Alderley Park, The AMR Centre is a joint private-public initiative to support/accelerate the development of new antibiotics and diagnostics through a fully integrated development capability, offering translational R&D from pre-clinical hits through to clinical proof of concept.

Our mission is to ensure that all new, novel and needed antimicrobial drugs and diagnostics can get to market in the shortest possible time, irrespective of cost and origin.

We have developed a partnering model to support this aim. It will progress research through to clinical trial quickly so that treatments can be brought to market and the threat of antimicrobial resistance can be significantly reduced.

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Dr Peter Jackson
Executive Chairman

Dr Peter Jackson is an experienced UK-based serial entrepreneur in the life sciences sector. Over the past ten years, he has created six new companies, targeting novel therapeutics across infection, oncology and immunology, as well as in agrochemicals and life sciences services.

Dr Jackson has over 25 years’ experience in the sector, previously holding senior executive roles as commercial director then VP of Avecia’s Pharmaceutical Products business unit, following senior commercial and R&D positions at predecessor companies Zeneca and ICI.

Since 2015, Dr Jackson has been chairman of the steering committee created to establish the UK’s translational R&D centre focused on antimicrobial resistance, the AMR Centre, and will be taking the leadership role in its start-up in 2016.

Ian Grundy
Chief Business Officer

“What a fantastic opportunity we have with the AMR Centre, to face head on this major threat to world health. We can’t and won’t fail.” – Ian Grundy

Ian Grundy is an experienced international business development professional, with over 20 years pharmaceutical and technology licensing experience. Before joining the AMR Centre he was Global head of Sales and Marketing at Ajinomoto-OmniChem and also sat on the board of their Indian joint venture, GOC.

Prior to that Ian held senior commercial/licensing positions within TeraView, a Cambridge based technology start-up, Piramal Healthcare, Avecia and Zeneca.

Carl Curran
Communications Project Manager

“l enjoy linking organisations and partners in the UK and across the globe to build great working relationships.”

Scientific & Technical Advisory Board

Prof. Ian Greer

S&TAB Chairman

Chairman of the NHSA, Vice President of the University of Manchester and Dean of its faculty of Medical and Human Sciences

Prof. William Hope

University of Liverpool (Clinician-scientist; PK-PD modelling; pre-clinical development; anti-fungal drug discovery

Prof. Jeff Errington

Newcastle University (Microbiology; small-molecule antibacterial discovery research; natural product discovery; bacterial cell biology; founder of Prolysis Ltd and Demuris Ltd)

Prof. David Livermore

University of East Anglia (Medical microbiology; antibiotic resistance mechanisms, particularly beta-lactamases; epidemiology)

Prof. Peter Hawkey

University of Birmingham (Clinician-scientist; epidemiology; diagnostics; infection control; antibiotic resistance; genomics)

Dr Neil Stokes

Head of pre-clinical development at Redx Anti-Infectives

Dr Nell Moore

Vice President, Clinical Development AstraZeneca Antibiotics

Kay Callaghan

Associate Director, Technology Identification and Evaluation, Quiagen